Fewer girls than boys wear helmets on the ski slopes. We wanted to do something about this, so we created a helmet just for girls.

The helmet has a narrow fit, suited to the head shape of Scandinavian girls. It is lighter and smaller than other helmets, but not at the cost of safety. A curved shape around the neck leaves room for a pony tail and removable ear flaps make the helmet suitable for summer skiing too.

This helmet really takes girls’ needs seriously and increases the chances of more girls wearing a helmet on the slopes. It is both feminine and robust. It will definitely appeal more to women as a target group than other helmets on the market. The fact that there is room for a pony tail around the neck resolves a practical problem for users, but this feature also increases the helmet’s strength, which means that the material’s thickness can be reduced.

This helmet is lighter and stronger than many more expensive models. Its fine details are very well designed, such as the logo imprinted on the shell, which gives a ribbed structure, increasing the resistance to any bangs. The material promoting the visual identity and the packaging also fits in very well with Kari Traa’s collection of hard-wearing sports gear for girls.


Client: Kari Traa