We all have our own way of holding cutlery, but not every type of cutlery suits every group of users.

All the utensils in the hardanger tuva cutlery range are designed with hollow handles.  This makes the cutlery lighter, but also easy and substantial enough to grip so that it can be used by any group of users, from children to the elderly.

The tuva cutlery range takes into account a wide group of users. For instance, children, elderly people and rheumatic sufferers are able to grip the cutlery properly to a larger extent, which means that everyone can use the same type of eating utensils. Hardanger Bestikk has managed to create a uniform, innovative range of cutlery using the hollow-handle technique for knives, spoons and forks.

The design is based on solid, top quality craftsmanship, giving the cutlery good balance, ensuring it remains firmly in the hand and does not fall off the plate. From an aesthetic perspective, the cutlery combines both tradition and innovation. Tuva has a very distinctive character, with dynamic, well-balanced lines, giving it an elegant and at the same time flexible appearance.

The TUVA flatware range has been awarded Design Excellence and Design for all award by the Norwegian Design Council.


Client: HardangerBestikk